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By Amal scaria Thanickal On  03 Nov 2014
Appreciable concept congrats...

By Amal Sunny Rathappillil , Rajakad On  15 May 2014
Congragulations for the great effort. It is really good to know all the family members who have spread across this globe.....

By Jijo Tom George rathappillil nakapuzha On  11 May 2014
Hi every one This is a good effort and greate work ,keep it up keep posting new informations also please.

By jacob varghese ratha.puthenpurackal rome italy On  04 May 2014
very fine excellent. good wishes to rathapillil family much prayers and lot of love gift of god and golden luck for patron,executives priests,nuns and all family members

By Robert Augustine ,New Zealand On  27 Apr 2014
Congratulations for the effort

By Mary Methipara On  01 Dec 2013
I am from Rathappillil Kalloorkad living in Chicago Great job . Wonderful web site

It is a great work and inspiration to others to continue ..

By MATHEW THOMAS On  29 Oct 2013

By By R J Thomas rathapillil,wayanad; meppadi;on 26/ 10/ 2013 On  26 Oct 2013
this is an appreciatable work done by ur family...this could hold on ur togetherness and unity.........

By By R J Thomas rathapillil,wayanad; meppadi;on 26/ 10/ 2013 On  26 Oct 2013
This; work; done; by ur family is really appreciatable...this programme strenghthens ur togetherness and unity

By By R J Thomas rathapillil,wayanad; meppadi;on 26/ 10/ 2013 On  26 Oct 2013
This is absolutely appreaciatable .This; is a great inspiration for the coming generations.......

By FRANCIS R.C On  17 Oct 2013
This is an apprecitable work.

By Manuel Sebastian Thanickal Malabar on 7 Sept 2013 On  07 Sep 2013
Very good job , congrats...

By Jokumar Joseph On  05 Sep 2013
Every nice! Would please expand missing family trees as well

By ryan rosh mathew rathappillil,mananthavady On  05 Sep 2013
good job congrats to those who are behind this great work

By Jose Joseph Rathapillil On  05 Sep 2013
With my family appreciate this great work.Let our new generation to know the root of our family.& wishing all the very best to the leaders

By Roy Puthenpurackal On  13 Aug 2013
Congratulations for this great work.

By Fr. Boban James Rathappillil On  20 Jun 2013
Great work..congrats...

By JAYAN J.RATHAppilly On  20 Jun 2013
ongratulations. great job for our family.

By JAYAN J.RATHAppilly On  19 Jun 2013
very wonderful work .. i appreciate it

By Alocious Meemboor, Wayanad On  01 Jan 2012
Congratulations, you did a great job. Now we people can be proud about our great family.........

By sheancyacejen On  26 Sep 2011
Great info it is without doubt. My mother has been searching for this tips.

By Jose Rathappillil, Florida, USA. On  27 Mar 2011
Excellent idea. Very useful & informative. Hope this will help & encourage all family members in the future.

By Daniel Varghese dvd274@aol.com On  14 Nov 2010
wonderful job. keep it up.

By Joseph Thomas Rathappillil, Parapuzha On  08 Nov 2010
really great work. HATS OFF to u. Add more information to the site, do contact our family association members. go ahead. BEST WISHES

By Isabella Rathappillil On  11 Oct 2010
I am from U.S.A and I like this site about my family.I never even know we had a website untill October 10,2010

By Renjith Jose Rathappillil Kalloorkad On  07 Oct 2010
Dis s really a fantastic work......very much useful,thanks a lotz

By Daniel On  14 Sep 2010
You did a Great Job buddy. Keep it up.

By veeyuse rathapillil On  10 Sep 2010
really appreciatable work.

By Fr. John Rathappillil On  29 Jul 2010
Congradulations. I was looking for something like this for years.You did a greate job!!

By P.J.George Nedumkallel On  17 Jun 2010
Congratulations for the wonderful work. I may suggest that a family tree with all details of the ancestors be prepared in GEDCOM format. In fact I am making an attempt for Nedumkallel family.

By Amel g rathappilli On  15 Jun 2010
very wonderful work .. i appreciate it

By Sajo Jose Rathappillil On  16 May 2010
Kindlly make a malabar page, This is an appreciatable work. New generation can their root from here...

By Bro.Subin george rathappillil On  11 May 2010
Your work is very good.God may bless you to complete this

By Fr. Sijan Unnukallel CMI, President, Rathappilil Kudumbayogam On  08 Mar 2010
It is really wonderful. Special congratulations for this great effort.

By Midhun Rathappillil On  02 Sep 2009
Nice... and appreciatable

By Francis John,Secretary-Family association.. On  22 Aug 2009
you did a very good job.. there is a suggestion.. the family tree is incomplete.. kindly find time to complete it..

Congratulations. You did a great job for our family.

By Joseph Arakuzha On  16 Aug 2009
This is a great work. Actually we dreamt before. But you make it reality. Congratulations for this great work.

By Priya On  13 Aug 2009
The Idea behind this Organisational website is wonderful. And the Idea behind this very much interesting.

By John Paul On  14 Aug 2009
This is a hats-OFF idea. The work being done in this site is appreciatable.

By Joseph Rathappillil On  15 Aug 2009
The Family tree concept was amazing. Its very nice to we people who can trace our origination point.

By Paul Thomas On  16 Aug 2009
This is an appreciatable work. New generation can dig their root from here...

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