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Welcome to Rathappillil Family Organisation
Traditions and Legacies are passing from generation to generation. Keeping and updating our traditions in each generation is very important. In this technology driven era, creating a website is the best method of keeping our traditions. Here we are trying to collect our Rathappillil familiy's history, legacy, tradition and etc for the new generations and world. We are the one of the ancient Roman Catholic (RCSC) family, who have received baptism from the holy hands of the apostle, St. Thomas . Rathappill family is one of the Christian family who stayed in Arakuzha,during the mid of 10th cent. AD. Arakuzha was the beginning of our family having a tradition of 1000 years. They migrated to nearest places and were known by different names. Now we are familiar with the names of family members known in 200 years.
Rev.Fr.Yohannan Senior was the founder of Kalloorkad church. His 50th death anniversary was celebrated by his family members at Kalloorkad on 28th Nov 1961. On this occasion it was descided that members of Rathappillil family living in different parts of kerala should make an organization for the economic and cultural welfare of its members. As a result of this decision Rathappillil family organization was formed. Now this is one of the best family organization in the Roman Catholic families. We are conducting a lot of social activities. Our greatness is not contains in the wealth and royalty, it is related to the members justice, truth, good behavior and God fear. Every year we are celebrating the annual day of our Organization.
Now we are living in the different areas of world. This site will help for knowing our history, family members , traditions, etc to the world. Members can share their ideas, blogs, contacts, etc here.
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